At the end of a spear…..a story of reconciliation

The Grandfathers And Common Humanity

 “What we do to each other as human beings can be very inhuman. This story explores that on several levels.” 

Jesse Saint searches for his identity deep in the Amazon jungle while living among the tribe that murdered his grandfather decades earlier.

“The Grandfathers” is a motion-graphics documentary completing Jim Hanon’s inspiring trilogy that started with “Beyond the Gates of Splendor” and was followed by “End of the Spear.” These films were produced by Mart Green. Jesse struggles to find his place in a world alive with the memories of a famous grandfather he never knew and a heroic father he could not understand.

Years spent living among the Waodani and befriending the three old men who took part in the murder of his Grandfather teach him the healing power of dignity, respect and forgiveness. In the jungle, Jesse must confront his family’s past as he determines his own future. This documentary is a moving tribute to a young boy’s quest for significance and wholeness, and its imprint on three old men, who, unwittingly, are on a quest of their own…”   End of the spear

Love one another- Celebrate all the Fathers and Father figures.


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