Take me as I am or not

Seeing my post from yesterday in the reader was surprising. The fun picture I painted was lost because I did not put “a hook” in the first sentence. Today I changed the first line of yesterday’s post.  I wonder how much the way the text appears in the reader should change the way I write. It comes to to the basics of do I write for you or do I write for me. I tend to ponder things for a long time, which usually means I don’t post. Three years into blogging is different then in the beginning when I posted every day almost. Granted my life and my world have changed a lot since then.  Dear reader, I do feel you out there and love sharing with you and reading your posts. I want to post more often. So bare with me or not, comment or not- it is a journey we take together. My thoughts for today.

7 thoughts on “Take me as I am or not”

  1. I’ve been blogging for 3 years as well, and don’t post as often as I use to do. Life is full…and we have to live it, day in and day out. So no pressures. Do what you can when you can…and just enjoy! hugs… 🙂


  2. I still had a very vivid picture of you yesterday though, in your orange get-up and your cute car! I think it doesn’t really matter who you write for… I do it mostly for a personal record, but also for the company. I love to see a like or a comment, no matter how brief. And i love visiting other blogs – like yours! It doesn’t actually bother me how often other people post something, but i do notice when it goes quiet.


  3. I think we do both… sometimes we write for our readers, and sometimes we write for ourselves. It’s never a bad idea to get in the habit of writing a hook for what could be an interesting story if you want that story to be read. The fact that you noticed the lack of a hook suggests you did. Personally, I don’t think about a hook when I’m writing from my heart and sharing; those are times when my goal is to just to get something out of me that HAS to get out. In those cases, I rely on the post title to appeal to the reader. Occasionally, like you, I’ve stumbled upon my own post in the reader and realized I’ve taken up an entire first paragraph with a boring lead-in or qualifier for a post I’d really like people to read, and I thought “well no wonder nobody is reading this!” On that note, I’m going to head over to your latest post! 🙂


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