Daily Prompt- New Sensation (or olde)

The daily prompt reminded me of a moment in time, music and fashion. In 1968, with strawberry blonde hair almost to my waist and bought my first car. It was a pumpkin colored Fiat spider convertible. My favorite boots were thigh-high and orange, matching the car. My favorite dress was an orange knit turtleneck mini-dress. I once saw a picture of me taken in this outfit leaning against my dear car.  The actual picture may be long gone but in my mind’s eye, it is still very clear. These were the days before I worried about sunscreen, the convertible top was always down even in the winter – sunglasses, the wind in my hair and “Sargent Pepper Lonely Hearts Club Band” blaring from the radio. I feel younger just by remembering!


14 thoughts on “Daily Prompt- New Sensation (or olde)”

  1. that was very close to my world LOLs..( I had green and orange with those thigh high boots 🙂
    I had a VW though….I am looking for another one today…
    This made me smile ..my 40th reunion is this year …LOLs
    Take Care…You Matter…


      1. Orange (burnt orange, specifically) is one of my favorite colors, so I have this fabulous visual of you. You must’ve looked SPECTACULAR!!! Especially with waist-length strawberry blond hair!


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