My washer ate my favorite sock!

The tragedy happens everyday all over the country, maybe all over the world, you put your favorite pair (2) of socks in the wash and only one returns. Is there a land of lost socks? Where do they go? When my puppy was young she sorted through my shoes until she found my best italian leather pumps and chewed them beyond recognition. How do that relate you ask?  Well it seems that it is only favorite socks that get lost   Now call me crazy but I don’t easily part with things I love even a single sock and besides the mate may show up someday. The bag of lonesome socks was growing so instead of throwing them out I started using them.

The above picture is of my daughter in a play called Fix obviously her sock hands were having an argument. Yes, they make great puppets but I would not recommend it in public. Since they are soft , slide it on your hand and buff-up wood, glass, leather or car finishes without a scratch.  Actually socks are perfect  for applying oil,  polish or anything you don’t want to touch. Then wash it or throw it out.  Since they are stretchy, I have cut strips and used them to tie up plants (outside only.) So very useful for cleaning- and they make great paint rags for those little paint slips.

My favorite use is to make comfort cuddlers that heat in the microwave to sooth  sore muscles or warm cold feet. Put one at the foot of your bed, under the sheets to warm the bed up.  I prefer to use dried beans but rice work also. I leave the beans in the plastic bag they come in, slide them in the sock and tie a knot. As long as the bag is unbroken they can be used over and over. I do mark it so I don’t accidentally  eat it- although it should still be alright– it is just how I am. My lone soul-mate today will be a bed-warmer in the months to come.

19 thoughts on “My washer ate my favorite sock!”

  1. I have that problem too lol! “Stargate” washer is a possibility. Sometimes I loose other articles of clothing, but they manage to find their way back some how. Maybe they go to visit other washers lol!


    1. If it happens to everyone- really where do they go. I am pretty sure mine don’t turn into wire hangers because I am always looking for a hanger. They may be more versatile than we think.


  2. My trick is to put the lone sock back in the dirty clothes and to hope that the washer will give the other one back when it sees its mate once again. Sometimes it actually works. Belly laughing.


  3. I also have those disappearing socks but what baffles me even more in my house is the disappearance of teaspoons! I think my socks and teaspoons have some sort of conspiracy going 🙂


    1. There must be something to that- a house conspiracy. I reduced the loss of teaspoons- I found when I used paper plates with real spoons, they disappeared more often. Just a thought. Perhaps the house is revolted by paper plates.


  4. Some good recycling tips! We have a sock monster hiding somewhere in the house… he eats them. (I’ve never seen him, but I sometimes hear strange noises at night…) 😉


  5. Thanks for the bed-warmer idea! Did you check the washer AND dryer very thoroughly!? Could static have caused the sock to stick inside another garment? Only other thought is there’s a tiny black hole inside your dryer and the sock is now in an alternate universe.


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