Red Hot Poker

These sturdy worry-free perennial make a big statement. But they gave me quite a photo challenge because they are orange but refused to appear the color they are in real life.  AND even more interesting they glow when seen through the camera. There are evergreens behind them and nothing reflective. Yes I cleaned the lens thinking it was a smudge. I have taken pics on three different days with the same effect. They are not fully open yet but a big storm was coming. A little mystery.

15 thoughts on “Red Hot Poker”

  1. I am envious! I cannot get redhots to grow for me…
    but seeing these reminded me I want to attempt again!
    Thanks MountainMae!
    I am really enjoying drifting through your world of thoughst!



  2. I have always loved the the fiery spears in the landscape. I keep meaning to get some for my garden as they are a favourite and I could do with some fire.
    I find the glowing effect very interesting. Makes me wonder about how our eyes can perceive colour versus the camera lens. Colour is meant to represent different vibrational frequencies. Fascinating. Yet no-one seems to have trouble photographing the orange of Calendulas. A mystery! I would love to hear if you gain any insight.


    1. I tried again to today with the same result, the odd glow and not near as orange as they look. I think they are dancing to some different drummer. I have orange coreopsis that I’m try tomorrow. Will you see the eclipse?


      1. No, the eclipse path is contained in the Northern Hemisphere. I will feel it though. I am in the middle of a post on it.
        There have been a couple in recent years that we have been able to see. Always exciting. Enjoy.


  3. Hi Mae! Red Hot Pokers always mystified me as a child. They seemed so big and brash and sooooo colorful. It is interesting that they don’t photograph well but you seemed to do a good job of it.


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