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Contemplation on looking within

“Our lives begin to end the day we become silent about things that matter.” ~ Martin Luther King, Jr.
Could that be right? To become silent? Seems like the opposite of what I was taught.
The practice of looking within to the place beyond the noise and chaos has helped me to substitute response for reaction and contemplation for blame.  Anger is still a dance I don’t understand. I have heard it said that anger is a useful and healthy reaction to  some situations. Anger frightens me. I have a history of throwing things and punching walls, anger and I are acquainted! I have felt the volcanic eruptions and now look for the release value before “it” blows. Still finding my way to making friends with anger.

I struggle to find my voice and use my words   but it is getting easier to trust my innermost voice. In this way, aging is a true blessing- the mellowness that comes with having been around the block a few times.  




Changes,changes, changes

goodbye Black MountainThe winds of change are moving me along. The sale of my previous house closed yesterday!!!! (Dance of Joy)  My new location will not have internet for two weeks- which among other things means, no posts until then. After being connected daily for years, I wonder if I will feel very isolated. What will I do with my time….oh wait, I believe unpack is the answer. During this change I have missed having the time to post and really missed the reading the  input from the minds and hearts of the folks I follow. In the meantime, I will be collecting pictures, thoughts and poems to share. See you in two weeks.

Point Lookout Trail or Following your own advice

Ten days until my house move. A chaos of boxes in every room. My body is sore and my mind bordering an full-blown crazy. My dear Bella dog keeps looking to me for support and she misses our wonderful walks. I sat quietly and meditated on what advice would I give someone else. The answer was clear – get out of the house, go for a walk!

point lookout smokey distance Train tunnel optimistic bird nest






The Point Lookout Trail is here in Black Mountain and goes through private land into the National Forest. When I got home, I felt like I had been on vacation.  I give good advice.