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Lily of the Valley

 Planting time- so many great plants to choose from and only so much time and strength.
Recently there was a blog about edible plants and it got me thinking about adding some munchables.

The first rule of ingesting flowers is to make sure they are actually OK. I love my Lily of the Valley’s sweet white bell shaped blooms and lovely fragrance. Apparently the leaves and flowers are poisonous.

I tried to get a good picture but…adding my best effort,  I’ll keep trying. This plant grows low to the ground and in a shady spot- as I was lying on the ground trying to get this shot, my neighbors drove by. I could almost see them shake their head as they puzzled what I was doing now. We all need to amuse the neighbors once in a while.

Unwelcome visitor

Jack Frost By C.E. Pike
Look out! Look out! Jack Frost is about!| He’s after our fingers and toes; And all through the night, The happy little sprite Is working where nobody knows. He’ll climb each tree, So nimble is he, His silvery powder he’ll shake. To windows he’ll creep And while we’re asleep Such wonderful pictures he’ll make. Across the grass He’ll merrily pass, And change all its greenness to white. Then home he will go And laugh ho, ho ho! What fun I have had in the night.