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I suffered from bitchy resting face

I do suffer from bitchy resting face. It is when my mind is busy and my mouth is not, my face apparently looks angry or sullen.  My first clue was when my daughter was young, she would ask me if I was angry.  Often I was thinking about bills or pain or other life challenges but sometimes I was just making a grocery list.  Then one day I came out of my office to find a sign on my door placed by a caring co-worker. The sign read: “Danger! I have PMS and a handgun, any questions.” I was shocked and more than a little dismayed. Back in my youth, I had a dance instructor that insisted we keep a smile on our face while dancing.

So I decided to try it in real life. First I just became more aware of my face  and other people’s faces. I noticed most drivers have unhappy resting faces. I started smiling at strangers- which is safe to do here. Particularly in the supermarket, if I smiled at someone they almost always smiled back. It became a fun game for me. When I smiled at other drivers, they smiled back also.  Did you know that research says smiling boosts your immune system, lowers your blood pressure and releases endorphins. Smiling is a natural drug. Best of all, it is contagious- in a good way. (giggle)


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