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When in doubt, turn the compost

Today is Fathers’ Day so as you might guess I have been thinking about my dear departed Dad. I thought of his poem book and maybe posting one of his poems. I have been thinking about all the Dads I know who have passed and what is left when they are gone- the memories of course but also the impact they had on my life.My Dad taught me about the importance of  Beauty and to see it everywhere. He taught me about living with nature and the safety of trusting the rhythm of the cycles of nature- summer always follows spring,etc. He was an organic gardener in the 1950s-before it became popular. When he had something to think about, or was angry or well anytime, he would go out and turn the compost. We used to say his life motto is “When in doubt, turn the compost.” When my folks moved here from NJ, 40 odd years ago they brought with them Dads’ favorite lemon yellow day-lilies.  Today there were 20 blooms.

Hands that honor

Google’s Useless Knowledge: The average life span of London residents in the middle of the nineteenth century was 27 years. For members of the working class, it was 22 years. No wonder it feel like I have lived three lifetimes during this life- I reinvent myself every 20 yrs or so. The picture is one I was thinking of for the weekly challenge Hands – hands that honor. This was in my USAtoday email post.
By Don Emmert, AFP/Getty Images  Tags: New YorkFleet WeekStatue of Liberty 5/23/2012


Up with the sun on May Day

I did once dance around a May Pole and it is not as easy as it looks but fun.  Wearing flowers in my hair today.

May Day was  celebrated by some early European settlers of the American continent. In some parts of the United States, May Baskets are made. These are small baskets usually filled with flowers or treats and left at someone’s doorstep. The giver rings the bell and runs away. The person receiving the basket tries to catch the fleeing giver. If they catch the person, a kiss is exchanged. I guess I was too fast because I never got caught. Maybe I should start leaving baskets again- I run slower now!

There are many traditions around this time, for me it is the entrance into the planting season and the day to celebrate all the blooming flowers around me. Any reason to put my mind and heart to singing, dancing, drinking white wine and generally making merry works for me. The following poem is author unknown.

Let us take our baskets early
To the meadows green,
While the wild-flowers still are pearly
With the dewdrops’ sheen.Fill them full of blossoms rosy,
Violets and gay
Cowslips, every pretty posy
Welcoming the May.Then our lovely loads we’ll carry
Down the village street,
On each door, with laughter merry,
Hang a basket sweet.
Hey-a-day-day! It is spring now,
Lazy folks, awake!
See the pretty things we bring now
For the May-day’s sake!