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Spring, at long last, has arrived

Rainbow Warrier Tulip  This beautiful Tulip is called Rainbow Warrior. After days, nay weeks of grey cold days this sight yelled “spring is really here”.
Redbud   Redbud close   How Pink is Redbud pink? Very pink! I feel a rush of happy whenever I see one.
The landscape does look like a fairyland with the redbud, dogwood and cherry trees dressed in flowers. The azaleas, Virginia Bluebells and Phlox (Locals here call it Thrift.) are doing their part to brighten the scene.

azaleas blooming  Virginia Bluebells  phlox thrift  tulip Polar  ferns unfolding
 I am grateful for the color, for the beauty and the surprise of finding stray flowers on the grass.

Plants in my life


The Joe Pye weed is growing tall- over my head at the park. It seems to hang-out by the stream. The garden Phlox has been blooming beautifully. This year I even got to plant some of my own. The rose of sharon bush, age 2 is putting on quite a show even though it has been battered by hail. I have so enjoyed the flowers around me I hate to trim them but fall is on its way.

In the Community Garden now has fed the people and had the community working together. Bella and I still go there almost everyday. The compost bins are full, getting soil ready for next year.  This last plant, we called Dutchman’s Britches with a friend.