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Pinatas – Cinco de Mayo

Français : Poste - États-Unis - Cinco de Mayo
Français : Poste – États-Unis – Cinco de Mayo (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I saw this picture of the anatomy of a pinata in my igoogle homepage in a rss feed from designer-daily this morning and it made me laugh. The creativity and out of the box perception of people amazes and amuses me. This is my homage to Cinco de Mayo. This celebration of Mexican heritage and pride is held on May 5th. There were local observences but I did not get to them this year. We had a pinata for my daughter’s 8th birthday. It was so hard to break that one child at a time could not break it. So we tried letting the children with sticks try to break it in mass. I soon realized that someone would end up with a concussion from the flying sticks. So a male friend did the honor for us but it took him quite a few tries to get the candy to fall. Talk about things being anti-climatic! I love the idea of a pinata. Any reason to get together and dance and sing works for me.