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Ecstatic Enlivened Equinox

“For man, autumn is a time of harvest, of gathering together.
For nature, it is a time of sowing, of scattering abroad.”
Edwin Way Teale

Time now to harvest the thoughts and actions  we planted in spring. To rejoice with gratefulness for the harvest and turn inward as the nights get longer and the days shorter. To acknowledge  what came to fruition and what died on the vine. We preserve what we can for the cold months ahead, fruit, produce and dreams.

“Yesterday I was clever 
so I wanted to change 
the world and today 
I am wise so I am 
changing myself.”
Zahid Iqbal Khan

If your returns this season are not what you hoped, now is the time to reflect, find your balance and look for what within you must change to assure greater success in the coming year. If nothing WITHIN you CHANGES, then your past will be your future. You could always gaze at the full harvest moon for inspiration.


Olympic Moon Shot

Full moon makes sixth Olympic ring

On the night of August 3rd, the full moon rose through the Olympic Rings hanging beneath Tower Bridge, allowing for these stunning photos.  – By Andrew Dubbins                              How cool is this!


Moon madness

Did you see the moon tonight? Big and bright and beautiful. The moon played peek-a-boo in and out of the clouds. By the time I went back for the camera, it was behind a cloud and refused to come out. My memory will remember it best anyway.

Thinking about reincarnation and past lives tonight. My jury is still out on what I believe I believe. But I do know there are people know or have known that I feel a very strong connection with, in spite of the fact that in this life we don’t fit. I don’t need to know the answer to send love out to them.

OK one more verse of “This little light of mine.”
Dance in the moonlight to the fragrance of the blooming wild roses.

Useless knowledge/google:    George Ellery Hale was the twentieth century’s most important builder of telescopes. In 1897, Hale built a 40-inch-wide telescope, the largest ever built at that time. His second telescope, with a 60-inch lens, was set up in 1917 and took 14 years to build. During that time, Hale became convinced that he suffered from “Americanitis a disorder in which the ambitions of Americans drive them insane. During the building of his lens, Hale spent time in a sanatorium, and would only discuss his plans for the telescope with a “sympathetic green elf.”