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Special Photo Challenge – Inspiration

This picture is taken just “down the road a piece.” Today is Thanksgiving and this is right in the spirit.  Free greens, kale, mustard & turnips.  I picked the new young kale leaves and they were so tender they were almost sweet.

Be thankful every day .


How do you eat corn on the cob?

Corn On The CobCorn on the cob means summer to me. Of course you can buy it frozen but only in the summer can my neighbor hand me corn fresh picked from the garden. So sweet, no butter or salt are needed.

I was chomping away in my standard typewriter corn eating pattern and I wondered do others eat it this way?  Then I realized that many today have no typewriter experience – the great sound of the keys clicking along the row and the satisfying ding of the carriage return.  Just a moment in time shared with you. So how do you eat corn?

Mellow Monday

Useless knowledge:  Julia Child worked as an advertising copywriter for a furniture store before she became the “queen of cuisine” and darling of TV’s PBS.

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