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Feathered Friends – Goldfinch

Goldfinch on my Cone Flowers

Echinacea, Cone flowers should be left standing after their blooms fade because birds will eat the seeds. Guess what- it’s true! These were taken from a distance so please excuse the blur but I sure was excited to see this colorful visitor. These Morning Glories are on my neighbor’s fence and I love them. I did plant them on a trellis so their grew around my front door years ago. They were lovely but the bees were fond of them also- walking through buzzing bees to get in my front door was not as fun. Fall is upon us – seed gathering time. Writing this blog really helps me to focus on the beauty around me.

Pictures with no movement

The one of the weekly challenges is movement. Tonight after dark I tried to photograph rain- the lack of picture tells you how well I did. I also tried moving water in the stream but again nothing useable. These two pictures of yard flowers, Queen Anne’s Lace and Echinacea both have bees on them. I knew if I waited long enough they would fly. They were apparently very happy right where they were.