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Daily Prompt- New Sensation (or olde)

The daily prompt reminded me of a moment in time, music and fashion. In 1968, with strawberry blonde hair almost to my waist and bought my first car. It was a pumpkin colored Fiat spider convertible. My favorite boots were thigh-high and orange, matching the car. My favorite dress was an orange knit turtleneck mini-dress. I once saw a picture of me taken in this outfit leaning against my dear car.  The actual picture may be long gone but in my mind’s eye, it is still very clear. These were the days before I worried about sunscreen, the convertible top was always down even in the winter – sunglasses, the wind in my hair and “Sargent Pepper Lonely Hearts Club Band” blaring from the radio. I feel younger just by remembering!


Sound of blogging

This post was started on 8/31/12 – 8 days ago- I found out that the challenge does not include the write for five minutes option. I was confused and saddened. Then I slipped into the dark writers abysses of self-doubt and an inability to write. Life took over and it was easy to slip away.

BUT I’M BACK…………..

I have a wonderful daily journal from One Spirit that I love.  Each month has a suggested thought for the month- September said Start Again. Raw talent is nothing without drive and dedication. Sometimes all that keeps us from succeeding is laziness. So dear readers, I start again. The following is the draft I saved. I really like the five minute writing and might do it anyway. I have missed you.

This weeks writing challenge is the sound of blogging. Now as you may remember, you write for five minutes and quit- no rewrite. I know not to compare myself to others but mine seem so short. Do I think slowly or type slowly? Well I am sure about the typing slowly although it has gotten a great deal faster since I started blogging. It occurs to me the sound of blogging is the click of keys. Anyway here is this weeks Friday Five. Why don’t you join in? It is from WordPress Daily Post.

The sound of blogging

Can you hear silence? Can you see the wind? Can you hear the gulls cry when the beach is in your mind? Yes yes yes. The question is the sound of blogging- sometimes it is soft and babbling like the stream just flowing along. At other times it is like a rock rolling down a hill bouncing of rocks and trees and other obstacles. Every once in a while it sound like the wind during a fierce storm ,loud and strong pushing me along. Often I write in the early morning, so most to me it sounds like the early morning birds singing in the new day. Lastly , blogging sounds like a hug.