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Great Friends

“Every day – at the same time – she waits for him. Sometimes she barks to call him. He comes; they rub and greet each other and they go for a walk. They have done this for 5 years and no, they don’t belong to the same owners. The owners did not know until neighbors seeing them together so frequently commented to the cat’s owner, who then followed the dog home which was a distance away – not in a house close or next door. How it started no one knows.    Wouldn’t it be great to have friends like this – always?”


Another fine post by Sun Gazing… they say please share, so sometimes I do.

Toys : Sunday Post

We all have toys of some sort. My favorite toy is my camera. My dear companion, Bella loves toys sooo much. Like a toddler, when I get on the telephone she gets the one with the loudest squeak  and sits at my feet makes a racket.

Thanks Jakeprinter for this Sunday Post Idea – Toys