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Ready Set Write Post

Ten minute free-write….I am a slow at typing.

Blogging started for me three years ago. The first year I wrote every day, the second was mostly pictures and this year mostly silence. I think of topics but filter them as not important enough. With the massive things going on in the world, my prattle seems of little importance. I have recently agreed with myself to give it more time and write whatever I want, just for me. If others like it that’s great but not the goal….or is it.  I find that I miss the little daily communication with a group of loyal followers who I have never met. You are real people to me with lives in far-away places who are generous enough to share snippets of your world. Today’s ready set write seemed a perfect place to start my new goal. Daily post, after the hungersite (free daily click) and before facebook. See you soon.

Daily Post Take Care

“Take care now” was my Mom’s usual good-bye. Other sage advice from the same source: “Look both ways when crossing the street.” “Always wear “good” underwear in case you are in an accident.” “Use the bathroom before you leave the house, just because.” ” In three years, you will laugh about this.”  My favorite on the occasion of moving to the big city at 18 yrs old…”Make friends with the police and the bartenders.”