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Take me as I am or not

Seeing my post from yesterday in the reader was surprising. The fun picture I painted was lost because I did not put “a hook” in the first sentence. Today I changed the first line of yesterday’s post.  I wonder how much the way the text appears in the reader should change the way I write. It comes to to the basics of do I write for you or do I write for me. I tend to ponder things for a long time, which usually means I don’t post. Three years into blogging is different then in the beginning when I posted every day almost. Granted my life and my world have changed a lot since then.  Dear reader, I do feel you out there and love sharing with you and reading your posts. I want to post more often. So bare with me or not, comment or not- it is a journey we take together. My thoughts for today.

What makes a new house feel like home?

frontI moved to this new house 4 months ago and I am still “moving in.”  When I had finished shelving the dishes. food and pot and pans in the kitchen. I said now I am  home. Then I unpacked clothes and filled the closets and well you know…  All the moving boxes were placed in the garage (a really good idea) so inside the rooms would not feel the chaos. The day I had unpacked enough that I could pull the car in the garage – that was a big day. As my things came out of boxes to find places around this new house, it really did feel more like home. The furniture has moved around more times than I can count, searching for that perfect feng shui spot. Hanging the first of the pictures brought a rush of home. . The roma tomato I planted out back has ripening fruit that I watch with glee. Putting the books on shelves really felt like home, like having old friends come to visit. There are clippings and new pictures on the refrigerator of current happenings- that says home. I final answer for finding home for me is to finally have the time and the mindset to do my morning stretches and then write on wordpress. Morning, coffee, bare feet, nightgown and writing- I am finally home!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Writing the new old way – USB Typewriter

I happened upon this today on ETSY and wanted to share it. My Dad wrote two books on an old upright Standard which got trashed when they moved. Since I don’t have a typewriter it won’t help me but maybe you will embrace this idea.

Brought to you by the lovely folks at Etsy.