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Friday Five Minute Writing Challenge – Join

I thanks Lisa-Jo Baker for this idea. I lost her for a while but found her again and so can you at  This weeks idea word was JOIN.

My five minutes and a picture of what I made.:

 Join usually means joining a club, hobby or class of some sort. To me it reminded me of taking a stained glass   workshop. To join to pieces of glass, you line the edges of the glass with copper foil and then were melted with a heat gun and melted the copper to join the pieces together. I find it fascinating to see a solid become liquid and flow together. In my youth, I wanted to be a glassblower. Watching the amazing transformations of a bar of glass into delicate animals and all manner of things. I had a delicate merry-go-round for years. Living near Atlantic City before the casinos, the pier had two glassblower stalls that I would sit at for hours and just watch. I had forgotten that dream until now. Thanks Gypsy Mama.

weekly photo challenge – solid

Jakeprinter’s weekly photo challenge is solid. One day left to post so here it is. Now I don’t often use other’s pictures but as soon as I heard the challenge, Stonehenge came to mind. A visit here is on my bucket list. Although physics says nothing is really solid. Built in 3000 bc!

Stonehenge in 2007      

Thanks Jake

Pictures with no movement

The one of the weekly challenges is movement. Tonight after dark I tried to photograph rain- the lack of picture tells you how well I did. I also tried moving water in the stream but again nothing useable. These two pictures of yard flowers, Queen Anne’s Lace and Echinacea both have bees on them. I knew if I waited long enough they would fly. They were apparently very happy right where they were.