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Craggy Gardens in NC – June21

I posted recently about the laurel and rhododendrons balds on the parkway and promised you and me a road trip. This spot is only 20 miles from Asheville but I felt like I had gone on vacation. The first disappointment is that I assumed (you know about assumptions) that since the rhododendrons were blooming here it would be the same 2000 ft higher elevation and on the top of the mountain ridge.  Oops they had already bloomed. Flowers here and there but the green of the forest and fern floor is so healing to me, it was wonderful. The path to Douglas Falls for another time. There is also the mountain to sea trail and many other connecting trails through the area.

Things I found interesting where this tree hollowed out by a lightning strike and still full of leaves, the trail Bella looked at me and asked if I was kidding and the twisted branches of the laurel that grows with the rhododendron. An afternoon adventure.

Hiking Through a Rhododendron Tunnel Wayah Bald, near Franklin, North Carolina, is a popular destination for hikers, especially in the early summer when rhododendron and azalea are in bloom. Its historic fire tower affords great views of the southern Appalachian mountains in three states. Two long-distance trails, the Appalachian Trail and the Bartram Trail, cross at the tower. A picnic area is located nearby.  The second picture is from Craggy Gardens -discription below.

Wayah BaldCraggy Gardens

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Ahoy matie

The Coast Guard tall ship Eagle leads other ships into Hampton Roads for OpSail 2012 off Norfolk, Va

I must go back to the sea again the lonely sea and the sky and all I ask is a tall ship and a star to steer her by.

white capped waves and billowing sails the call of the gull an eagles nest to sit atop and watch the sea go by i climb the rigging hand over hand and sway with the breeze a good life a sailors life the sea is a love that landlovers can never understand the crisp salt air on your face the feel of an upcoming storm playing in the blowing winds and being gently rocked in the watery cradle.