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Flow – being in or going with

     Being in the flow to me means a feeling of everything going right- smoothly going along.Yesterday,Bella and I had the wonderful experience of litteraly being the the flow of the river. I knew that the days to do this were getting limited so for one last time this year Bella and I walked down the stream. This is at the Black Mountain Recreation park that I have spoken of before – the park that Bella and I go there to walk almost every day. Actually today we were in the flow there again while walking in the rain- different kind of flow- from the sky. Lest you think I am the only crazy person walking in the rain- there was another woman / dog with an umberella and two men in rain gear playing disc golf. I am guessing trying to throw the “frisbee” in the rain would be quite a handicap.  

As I looked in Wikipedia for flow & in the flow I learned many things, including there is a psycology method called the flow method. The founder Mihály Csíkszentmihályi was fascinated by artists who get so engrossed in their work they forget to eat or sleep. Musicians and writers also talk about music or words just flowing into their minds. There is an experience I could stand to have.

The left half of the entire ceiling, after res...
The left half of the entire ceiling, after restoration (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Historical sources hint that Michelangelo may have painted the ceiling of the Vatican’s Sistine Chapel while in a flow state. It is reported that he painted for days at a time, and he was so absorbed in his work that he did not stop for food or sleep until he reached the point of passing out. He would wake up refreshed and, upon starting to paint again, re-entered a state of complete absorption.

The in the flow I speak of is the “spiritual” kind where you feel enlived and at peace and oneness with the divine and all of creation. While I was walking in the river I started struggelling, my feet slipping on the stones and almost took a tumble twice which one does not want to do carring a camera. I stopped struggling, stood still, did some relaxation breathing and asked Spirit to guide my feet. After starting to walk again I was able to feel a oneness with the stream and did not slip again. Coincidence you say- maybe but it became so easy where it had been difficult.

The idea of flow has been around for a long time. First known to be used by the Roman Emperor Marcus Arelius (yes, the one from Gladiator) in his writings ‘the Meditations.’ Marcus wrote a lot about the flow of thoughts and happiness and he concluded that “most things flow naturally” and in his opinion it was better to “Go with the Flow” than to try and change society.

“Life is a series of natural and spontaneous changes. Don’t resist them – that only creates sorrow. Let reality be reality. Let things flow naturally forward in whatever way they like.” Lao-Tzu

Plants in my life


The Joe Pye weed is growing tall- over my head at the park. It seems to hang-out by the stream. The garden Phlox has been blooming beautifully. This year I even got to plant some of my own. The rose of sharon bush, age 2 is putting on quite a show even though it has been battered by hail. I have so enjoyed the flowers around me I hate to trim them but fall is on its way.

In the Community Garden now has fed the people and had the community working together. Bella and I still go there almost everyday. The compost bins are full, getting soil ready for next year.  This last plant, we called Dutchman’s Britches with a friend.


35th Sourwood Festival Black Mountain NC

Sourwood Tree in bloom
(Oxydendrum arboreum)

Every August the Black Mountain / Swannanoa Chamber of Commerce, presents the SOURWOOD FESTIVAL.  Black Mountain’s annual Sourwood Festival is always a hit with the locals and visitors alike!   This is a big happening around here, time for great music, many vendors with fine art and unusual local crafts and products like soap and honey.  Food vendors have something for everyone: sausage, corn on the cob, BBQ,  to gourmet vegetarian fare. Did I mention that it is totally free.  Most of the town gets in on the act. On year my Mom was in the parade dressed up as a clown, strolling along, waving and pulling a red wagon. I don’t remember why she was in the parade probably to represent the Swannanoa Valley Christian Ministry where she volunteered for years. Mom and I expected this to be a treat for my daughter who was 5-6 at the time- Nana playing dress-up. The surprise was on us- my daughter did not recognize her at all and was having no part of talking to this stranger with weird makeup on her face.

Tomorrow I am going to a talk about healing herbs in the garden at Mellie Mac’s Garden Shack. All part of the fun. The  blossom of the Sourwood tree provides the nectar for the world-renowned honey. It has also been used as a medicine, great for making tools and sled runners.  Unfortunately an early frost hit during the blooming season, so wildflower honey will have to do. OK by me. The music and dancing starts Sat. morning until Sunday afternoon!  I am sure there will be teams of Cloggers, who make me tired just watching them. It is probably time for a powered funnel cake,yum.  I’m off to have fun.  English: A funnel cake covered in powdered sugar.