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Daily Prompt – Free Association

At the moment my personal world is going through interesting times. I do miss blogging and will get back to it once I have a settled home again. Those of you that have followed me for months know that after the trial of getting the house ready to show, finally getting a contract , the last month has been filled with packing. I have reveled in the excitement of my new future home which gave the strength to keep packing. Then the title search revealed that I did not own the mineral rights to my property. Did you know that you could buy property without the mineral rights? So I pursued buying the mineral rights from the original owners three surviving children. $4,000 dollars later and we were almost good to go. The day scheduled for the moving truck arrived and the owner of my future house graciously let me to move the furniture in without taking possession of the house. I had left myself a bed that inflates and a folding chair and my computer. It rained and rained which turned to ice and snow. Without coverings the windows the house got colder and colder. During the first night , the mattress lost most of the air. Morning came with a ringing phone in the other room and me lying on the floor with the remaining air billowed up on either side of me. I climbed my way out and found my body was not happy in so many places. OK still being brave and trying to stay calm but starting to lose the battle. The one remaining person that needed to sign off on the mineral rights lives in Texas, out far enough that fed-ex doesn’t deliver on sat. That was a week ago. Her husband becomes gravely ill, is taken to the hospital and is still in ICU. The fed-ex was at home and so it never went anywhere. Now is a week later and Bella and I have moved in with a friend until this is over.  I have had a lot of practice with my relaxation breathing.

Ancient Social Networking found in Pompeii

Pompeii street

Pompeii has always fascinated me because of the unique quality of a moment in time, in A.D. 79,  captured and preserved by volcanic ash. Granted, not so great for them but interesting for us. This information comes from Pompeii “Wall Posts” Reveal Ancient Social Networks  By Stephanie Pappas and LiveScience.  “Ancient Pompeii residents revealed their social networks through graffiti on actual walls.” Study researcher Eeva-Maria Viitanen, an archaeologist at the University of Helsinki has been studying the various kinds of messages and locations. It would seem any wall was open for graffiti from peoples names, to a numeric sum to political ads. The urge to communicate is strong!