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White Squirrel Festival

Brevard, North Carolina hosted two “Big Doings” this weekend. The Friends of the DuPont Forest Waterfalls Tour attracted about 500 folks who enjoyed a hike through the  forest to visit the five beautiful falls. ( Actually I have never seen a waterfall I didn’t like.)
This year the White Squirrel Festival had the old Time Music Competition and the White Squirrel Music Festival,plenty of sunshine,  food, booths and the annual boxcars racing down Jailhouse Hill.

Besides the Festival Fun there is a more serious side to celebrate. People working together and thinking up an interesting solution to allow the squirrels to cross a man-made obstruction. These squirrels are about 10 inches long, 3.5 ounces and use folds of skin running from their front to back legs as parachutes to glide from tree to tree. Construction of the 36-mile Cherohala Skyway in 1996 made it nearly impossible for the squirrels to cross portions of the roadway. The population near the road, which links Nantahala National Forest and Robbinsville to Cherokee National Forest and Tellico Plains, Tenn., is one of eight areas of the state where the squirrels are found.  The structures create three sets of launching platforms spaced about 49 feet apart across the road from each other. This is a link to watch the nocturnal animals using the platforms.

Gotta love when people work together and get it right!

Memorial Day- Remember the dead and Support the living

Make it about Love- the best way to honor those who have given their lives for our freedom is to support the living, especially the returning veterans and their families. The Operation Appreciation is about writing a thank you note or supportive letter. I have not yet decided what I will do but I will chose to help.

Combat boots as memorial to American soldiers ...
Combat boots as memorial to American soldiers from Washington and Oregon who have died in the Iraq War, at anti-war rally, Occidental Park, Seattle, Washington, 27 October 2007. In the background is a more general memorial to all of the U.S. military dead in the war. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Monday, we’ll observe the 11th Memorial Day in a row while at war — the longest period of combat in our nation’s history. For the 1% who serve and their families, this duty is not yet in the rear-view mirror. Even with end of the Iraq War, and the drawing down of the Afghan conflict, the stress of multiple deployments continues, along with the anxiety of eventually reintegrating into U.S. society.  The recent survey of military service people and their families feel unappreciated by the american public.
OpApp encourages and organizes the writing of letters to military families, those in current service and veterans. The writer can choose to write a card to the parent, spouse or child of a military member, or to a veteran of the armed services. All of the recipients will be current members of Blue Star Families. The program effectively bridges the gap between the civilian and military communities that otherwise leaves families feeling isolated. By offering direct communication of our feelings and our gratitude, we don’t just support, we uplift.

Hands that honor

Google’s Useless Knowledge: The average life span of London residents in the middle of the nineteenth century was 27 years. For members of the working class, it was 22 years. No wonder it feel like I have lived three lifetimes during this life- I reinvent myself every 20 yrs or so. The picture is one I was thinking of for the weekly challenge Hands – hands that honor. This was in my USAtoday email post.
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