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Changes,changes, changes

goodbye Black MountainThe winds of change are moving me along. The sale of my previous house closed yesterday!!!! (Dance of Joy)  My new location will not have internet for two weeks- which among other things means, no posts until then. After being connected daily for years, I wonder if I will feel very isolated. What will I do with my time….oh wait, I believe unpack is the answer. During this change I have missed having the time to post and really missed the reading the  input from the minds and hearts of the folks I follow. In the meantime, I will be collecting pictures, thoughts and poems to share. See you in two weeks.

Wind Dancer

The Windstrument is a new wind energy system that’s “quiet and powerful, bird safe, and scalable.  It encourages me to see the birth of new ideas to old problems. We will always need power, the electric kind, this is a urban choice.

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