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Animal Cafes

Animal Cafes Offer Drinks and Companionship

 Austria’s first cat cafe, where customers can have drinks while playing with cats, opens in Vienna.

An interesting new trend has cropped up in Japan: animal cafes. There are over 100 cafes where customers can have tea, coffee and pastries while petting cats, rabbits, dogs, birds, and even goats in some places. There are several reasons for the emergence of such establishments. One is the decline in the number of adults with children. Many adults in the 20-30 age range are unmarried or in a relationship without children. Visiting an animal cafe is a social, almost familiar experience without the responsibilities of taking care of a companion animal. Other customers want pets at home, but their jobs consume too much time to care for a pet.

In my public library years ago, you could take you book and a guinea pig to your table to read. I don’t remember reading but I did like the guinea pig!



Local Eats in Black Mountain NC

Berliner Kindl German Restaurant / Deli (121 Broadway St  Black Mountain, NC 28711)  has been one of my favorite places since I discovered it a couple of years ago. The snitzel sandwich  with hot mustard was the  special of the day,it was really good With a glass of  dark beer on tap, I was a happy woman. Then desert happened-the Black Forest cake that was so delicious I did not mind the calories.  This place has a warm feeling to it, the food is authentic and the staff are very personable. Always a nice experience. The restaurant is located just as you come into town. The Doncaster outlet store is next door and Black Mountain Yoga is across the street.

Yard news-  My rose azalea is blooming beautifully- the frost did not get it. Life is good.