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News woman need to know- vitamin D & calcium

USA news today ran on article with this title :Panel to postmenopausal women: Don’t take vitamin D, calcium Click on name to go to the article

A government advisory panel’s recommendation Tuesday that healthy postmenopausal women should not take daily low doses of vitamin D and calcium to prevent bone fractures is a wakeup call to millions of Baby Boomer women that more is not always better.   It went on to say that the calcium chews that taste like chocolate are easy to overdo— well that I believe. being a retired RN and a postmenopausal woman gives me the right to comment.

The first problem I have is “healthy”- you can still be healthy and have a low vit D level. How many women have there level checked at their yearly physical. I had never had it done because I walk the dog every day and sunshine “makes” vit D in the body. I read an article somewhere and oked the Dr to check. What a surprise to find my level was below normal.  There are nutrional ways to get VitD, the most popular is added to milk or orange juice, neither of which I drink.

Vit D is really important in the body in a variety of body systems. It helps pull calcium into the bones, appears to have effects on immune function.  A diet deficient in vitamin D causes rickets, softening of the bones. There is much you can learn about it- if you are savy enough to read this blog, you to can “google” Vit D. I just want us all to live the best life we can. Moderation is the key to everything, including moderation.