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Egg Salad

Not the picture you expected? The title comes from memories of Easters past. This is around the time our lovely decorated hard-boiled eggs would become egg salad. An experience in letting go to break the shell and put it in the garbage to use the inside.

I found this egg shell in the backyard and just let it be.  Eggs, in their own right, appear right at the spring equinox if the chickens or birds are left to their own devices. Chickens do not lay when there is less than 12 hours of sunlight, so the eggs start coming right at spring/ easter.

Abundance is finding precious little packages of protein showing up after a long and hungry winter.


Happy Easter and Peaceful Passover- together this year. I have a friend who is Jewish visiting so we are having Eastover Easy this year. The song In Your Easter Bonnet has been running through my head. Decorating eggs of all kinds has been fun but I never got a Fabrage egg.

  May your heart be happy whatever you celebrate.