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Ready Set Write Post

Ten minute free-write….I am a slow at typing.

Blogging started for me three years ago. The first year I wrote every day, the second was mostly pictures and this year mostly silence. I think of topics but filter them as not important enough. With the massive things going on in the world, my prattle seems of little importance. I have recently agreed with myself to give it more time and write whatever I want, just for me. If others like it that’s great but not the goal….or is it.  I find that I miss the little daily communication with a group of loyal followers who I have never met. You are real people to me with lives in far-away places who are generous enough to share snippets of your world. Today’s ready set write seemed a perfect place to start my new goal. Daily post, after the hungersite (free daily click) and before facebook. See you soon.

Take me as I am or not

Seeing my post from yesterday in the reader was surprising. The fun picture I painted was lost because I did not put “a hook” in the first sentence. Today I changed the first line of yesterday’s post.  I wonder how much the way the text appears in the reader should change the way I write. It comes to to the basics of do I write for you or do I write for me. I tend to ponder things for a long time, which usually means I don’t post. Three years into blogging is different then in the beginning when I posted every day almost. Granted my life and my world have changed a lot since then.  Dear reader, I do feel you out there and love sharing with you and reading your posts. I want to post more often. So bare with me or not, comment or not- it is a journey we take together. My thoughts for today.

I suffered from bitchy resting face

I do suffer from bitchy resting face. It is when my mind is busy and my mouth is not, my face apparently looks angry or sullen.  My first clue was when my daughter was young, she would ask me if I was angry.  Often I was thinking about bills or pain or other life challenges but sometimes I was just making a grocery list.  Then one day I came out of my office to find a sign on my door placed by a caring co-worker. The sign read: “Danger! I have PMS and a handgun, any questions.” I was shocked and more than a little dismayed. Back in my youth, I had a dance instructor that insisted we keep a smile on our face while dancing.

So I decided to try it in real life. First I just became more aware of my face  and other people’s faces. I noticed most drivers have unhappy resting faces. I started smiling at strangers- which is safe to do here. Particularly in the supermarket, if I smiled at someone they almost always smiled back. It became a fun game for me. When I smiled at other drivers, they smiled back also.  Did you know that research says smiling boosts your immune system, lowers your blood pressure and releases endorphins. Smiling is a natural drug. Best of all, it is contagious- in a good way. (giggle)


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