Morning mist on the hills in Blackberry Winter

morning mist 2
Brevard NC Near my home Early Morning Mist

I marvel at the beauty of this area often. Watching the   changes from day to day interests me. This day I watched it minute by minute as the plumes of mist crept slowly up the valley between two hills. We had a cold snap after a rain. Here the name for this yearly cold snap is called blackberry winter because it is when the blackberry bushes bloom. I can now be sure that spring warmth will follow and it is safe to plant.

Morning mist long

8 thoughts on “Morning mist on the hills in Blackberry Winter”

  1. I love North always has this calm feeling that seems to surround me as I wander through, its been many years but I still can draw on the memory
    Beautiful photo you have shared…Thank you
    Take Care…You Matter..


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