Chris Packham, Panther Video and Fortune Cookies

Watch the video in #2 about the animal whisperer with big cats.


1   There was a brilliant programme on BBC TV last night, Inside the Animal Mind, with Chris Packham investigating how animals think. Catch it if you can on BBC iPlayer. This photo sums up the happiness of dogs!

2   A friend sent me this video today. Find time to watch it if you can – it is a very heartwarming film of an animal whisperer calming a very unhappy panther.

3   The postman delivered a soaking wet and falling-apart parcel for me today and was relieved when I wasn’t cross. Not a bit! I was delighted that the Fortune Cookies I had ordered for Chinese New Year had arrived safely!

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6 thoughts on “Chris Packham, Panther Video and Fortune Cookies”

  1. Oh wow…just wow! That totally made my morning…now I have to go get a hanky and splash water on my face because I was in tears by the end. Thank you for such a great start to the day!


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