New house surprises

Part of the fun of a new home is to see what comes up and blooms as the seasons change. This butterfly bush just grew and grew until it was above the it pushing at the roof overhang. It is very popular with the bees, butterflies and even a few hummingbirds. Nature keeps me amused.

15 thoughts on “New house surprises”

  1. Whenever I’ve moved anywhere, nearly my top priority in any place to be called “home” was a window over the kitchen sink with a view. This would work for me! While my body takes care of washing the dishes, my mind does its best daydreaming inspired by the view. Happy for you!


  2. what great photographs…
    I have been keeping a garden journal more in depth than usual
    this year..the drought and excessive heat is playing havoc
    with my gardens, but so much is still blooming…
    Your window ha a great view !…
    Take Care…


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