Daily Post Take Care

“Take care now” was my Mom’s usual good-bye. Other sage advice from the same source: “Look both ways when crossing the street.” “Always wear “good” underwear in case you are in an accident.” “Use the bathroom before you leave the house, just because.” ” In three years, you will laugh about this.”  My favorite on the occasion of moving to the big city at 18 yrs old…”Make friends with the police and the bartenders.” 



12 thoughts on “Daily Post Take Care”

  1. ” Don’t go swimming for at least 30 minutes after eating ”

    great post topic. Thank you for liking my posts on my Barefoot Baroness blog. You have a fun and friendly blog, not sure how I missed following it before. Rectifying that now. ~


    1. I loosely had some idea as a kid it meant “don’t be a jerk”, but I had to look it up again for the particulars.

      Evidently P’s & Q’s have a long tale to tell: from mind your Pints and Quarts tab at the bar; to proper cursive squiggles in handwriting class to differentiate letters; to what my mother (I think) meant – “mind your manners”.


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