Momma said there would be day like this

 It has been pouring rain for two days, the front walk and back are flooding, the TV won’t work and I am tired of cleaning. I keep trying to read but my mind keeps chattering away all by itself. Does time move in a circle? What if I can’t find my passion? How do I forgive myself for past missteps? How do I trust I will make right choices in the future or will I trick myself again. Does single-mindedly pursuing a goal rob us of the other places I might have gone? Retail therapy works until the bills come due. Breathe..just breath..this too shall pass.

10 thoughts on “Momma said there would be day like this”

  1. It’s pouring here again too, Mountainmae. How about some nice music to calm your mind? When I’m at home alone and I can’t do gardening I sometimes dance… 😉


  2. I’m so there with you. The last few months have been mind boggling in craziness and intensity. I remind myself to breathe and to know that this moment is the only moment that counts. The rest, somehow, will take care of itself.


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