Jackprinter’s challenge for today – Unforgettable

My unforgettable moment-  I was learning to fly a small private plane in NM. We had been flying over desert during the hot afternoon. As we approached a mountain below, the “wheel” was sucked out of my hand and we went into a dive. Panicked, I yelled at my teacher to help – his hands never left his lap as he calmly instructed me to pull back on the wheel.  I pulled back and the plane leveled out.  Apparently the change of the heat rising from the desert and the cooler air over the mountain caused the thermal shift – and he knew what would happen. I learned many things in that moment about flying, self-empowerment and awe at his ability to stay so calm. 

Thanks Jake  http://jakesprinters.wordpress.com/

5 thoughts on “Jackprinter’s challenge for today – Unforgettable”

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