Good Morning Star Shine I am back


The long journey from one home to another is finally over. It took much longer than I expected but my new situation is well worth it. That first day I found out the sun rises in my kitchen window- wonderful for me since I love sunrise. I wake up singing this song from the 60’s play HAIR. Yes I am that old.

good morning star shine, the earth says hello You twinkle above us   we twinkle below    good morning star shine, you lead us along     my love and me as we sing our early morning singing song.

9 thoughts on “Good Morning Star Shine I am back”

      1. My cousin lives in an old farm house on the edge of Asheville. I visited 2 years ago when on a soul self-discovery kind of a trip and almost didn’t leave. Ever since, I’ve been thinking of it and know its where I want to be. I’ll have to check out Arden!


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