Christmas morn

Christmas morn at 4 am  I was awakened by the radiant beams of the  almost full moon on my face. With that kind of greeting, getting up and out did seem the proper option. I donned my bathrobe and slippers and went out to the night guided by moonlight. There is something ethereal and extremely beautiful about the crisp stillness. I walked around this property that will soon not be mine anymore. Two short weeks left before I let go of this piece of ground that I and my dear departed parents so loved. 

So many thought go through my head to write here. Between the thought and the keys has been to long a journey to accomplish. Packing the  is quite a job! Jan 15th is moving day – what a start for a new year. I’ll be back….

11 thoughts on “Christmas morn”

  1. I love that calling we sometimes get to wake up and go outside. What a lovely way to pay your respects once more to the property and the parents you loved. The moon is our home, our ancestors, our nurturing and our tribe. There was much joyous celebration of you and yours on christmas morn. It is New Years Eve in my part of the world, I wish you a happy one and and a serendipitous new life.


  2. Wishing you a very Merry Christmas…
    and I thought the moon was exceptionally bright too..
    I had to go investigate….of course the geese didn’t especially like me waking them up
    Good luck with your move….
    Take Care…
    Blesed Be


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