Daily Prompt – three little words

3 Little Words……..“I Love You” comes first to my mind- some folks find it hardest to say. Harder for me has been “Please Help Me.” I found the mindset that woman could do anything they set their mind to do and still believe that now. Many years ago I took this to an extreme by living in a house with no running water, an outhouse (I dug) and the only source of cooking and heat was the woodstove. I cut and split my own wood (with help) and lived there for a year carrying water home every day. You would never have known how I lived if you had seen my 100lb sweet self. I decided to opt for easier life and moved in town with all the luxuries. Three months later I had the car accident that changed my life. I was grateful for immediate help and I healed in my way. Things that drove me crazy were things like not being strong enough to open a window, open a stuck or heavy door or just get the lid off of a jar. I did grasp how lucky I was but “Please Help Me” was the hardest lesson.

16 thoughts on “Daily Prompt – three little words”

  1. What true words! Being independent has always been very important to me, but I often remind myself of something my Mum said years ago: “People like to help”. It’s true, it does their ego good – I know I feel better if I’ve done a good deed for someone else. Purely selfish reasons for helping others, but there you go!


  2. I also find “Please help me” to be the hardest three little words to say. And the easiest ones to say? “I am okay”. Maybe because I think that is what people want to hear.


  3. Please help me – perhaps the most difficult words to say. Too often we (I) wait till we are at the absolute end of our strength or ability to cope. It’s possible that the greatest gift we can give one another is a helping hand, whether we hear the words or not.


  4. Boy do I understand this blog. The first time I had to have a hand to step up and over something on a steep hiking trail I cried. Hang in there Mountain Mae.


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