Spider weaving

These beautiful webs were  spun on the footbridge rail at Lake Tomahawk in Black Mountain. They sparkled like jewels – the morning dew clinging to the strands caught the light. How strong they must be to withstand being covered in water. I was not much a fan of spiders, until I lived in New Mexico. I was introduced to the idea of the spider as a goddess and a helper. Now I have less fear and more honor. How many spiders worked on these webs I wonder.

Spider Woman is one of the most important deities of traditional Navajo religion. The Navajo Spider Woman is their constant helper and benefactor. She taught the people the arts of weaving and agriculture, and appears in many legends and folktales to “save the day,” protect the innocent, and restore harmony to the world.

Books:you might be interested in:

Ziiniyah: How The Corn Was SIved:
Bilingual picture book telling the story of a Navajo boy who goes in search of Spider Woman to save his people’s crops.
The Magic of Spider Woman:
Beautifully illustrated picture book based on Navajo Indian legends about Spider Woman and the art of rug weaving.


24 thoughts on “Spider weaving”

  1. Beautiful images. Just the other morning we were drenched in fog. I was doing the early morning bus run as the Sun was coming up. All the bare and budding spring trees were draped in spider webs glistening with jewelled water droplets. It was like I had stepped into a fairy kingdom. I didn’t have a camera and I am grateful that now I have your photo to remind me.


  2. What a wonderful post! I adore spiders (although I don’t love running into their webs on a seemingly daily basis)… Such a great totem, too! Amazing critters. And their webs / fibers! WOW.


    1. When I walk Bella under low-hanging trees, I have started carrying a stick to wave in front of me to try to avoid the walking into an unseen web. That kind-of freaks me out wondering if there is an angry spider in my hair.


  3. I stood and watched a spider weave her web in the late afternoon sun. She was repairing an old web, using it as the foundation for the new one. She would roll the web into balls under her body as she went. Whole process was fascinating to watch ! Lovely photos, thank you !


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