Feathered Friends – Goldfinch

Goldfinch on my Cone Flowers

Echinacea, Cone flowers should be left standing after their blooms fade because birds will eat the seeds. Guess what- it’s true! These were taken from a distance so please excuse the blur but I sure was excited to see this colorful visitor. These Morning Glories are on my neighbor’s fence and I love them. I did plant them on a trellis so their grew around my front door years ago. They were lovely but the bees were fond of them also- walking through buzzing bees to get in my front door was not as fun. Fall is upon us – seed gathering time. Writing this blog really helps me to focus on the beauty around me.

7 thoughts on “Feathered Friends – Goldfinch”

  1. I cut one to dry with my teasels, but I’ll leave the others for as long as possible for the birds! I know what you mean about focusing on the beauty around you. I do the same… it’s a lifeline!


  2. Oh, he is so pretty! I like to grow things just for the birds–they bring such joy. I just remembered that I planted two Coneflower plants last fall…they never made it. Sigh.


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