Writing the new old way – USB Typewriter

I happened upon this today on ETSY and wanted to share it. My Dad wrote two books on an old upright Standard which got trashed when they moved. Since I don’t have a typewriter it won’t help me but maybe you will embrace this idea.

Brought to you by the lovely folks at Etsy.


8 thoughts on “Writing the new old way – USB Typewriter”

  1. I am dating myself but I used to use an old (not even electric) typewriter in the 7th grade. You had to build up your pinky muscles to type with it. How fun to see that old relic…haha..thanks for sharing.


  2. Typewriters are simply computers without the bells and whistles. If you want to put words onto paper they work fine. a keyboard is a keyboard. What they don’t do is anything beyond that in terms of correction, layout, research etc. Certainly if there were power issues which laid laptops low then every writer would want a typewriter, but until then, they are the equivalent in writing to the old wood stove compared to a modern stove: they work, but don’t do as much as the new model.


  3. It just so happens that I still own an upright Royal stored in an old farmhouse far to the north. Now, with this adapter available on the market, I must figure out a way to get it down here to Mexico.


    1. Computers are wonderful no doubt. I bet the keys on the upright will seem hard to push after modern keyboard. I always loved the sound and the feel of carriage return. Hope it works for you.


  4. oh i adore old typewriters…!! hoarding my grandmother’s vintage ibm. 🙂 and i always want to buy them up when i see ’em. what an idea!!! 🙂


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