Plants in my life


The Joe Pye weed is growing tall- over my head at the park. It seems to hang-out by the stream. The garden Phlox has been blooming beautifully. This year I even got to plant some of my own. The rose of sharon bush, age 2 is putting on quite a show even though it has been battered by hail. I have so enjoyed the flowers around me I hate to trim them but fall is on its way.

In the Community Garden now has fed the people and had the community working together. Bella and I still go there almost everyday. The compost bins are full, getting soil ready for next year.  This last plant, we called Dutchman’s Britches with a friend.


15 thoughts on “Plants in my life”

  1. I too am enjoy all the abundance of flowers, it has rained and cooled off
    so many of my flowers are taking a second breath
    Beautiful Photos!
    Thank you for sharing
    Take Care…


  2. Love the flowers and blooming thing. Community gardens are so fun–and photogenic. Great to see the compost bins there.


    1. This park is a wonderful place. I wrote about it months back 4 in 1- a winning solution. It has three different walking trail (even a paved one), ball fields, the stream, a disc golf course and the community garden. Inspired planning.


  3. The colour of your rose of sharon is really pretty. It’s always a hard decision to cut things back – leave it too late and it won’t get done, do it too early and we’ll no doubt have a long mild autumn! 😉 Lovely photos Mountainmae!


  4. Lovely photos!!! I love gardening too so was excited to see your post – my flox and my rose of sharon were particularly beautiful this year (nothing I did, so I will take no credit!). Your photos are great – I always have trouble taking really great photos of individual flowers for some reason….


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