How weird is too weird?

That is the title on the article on my very own Asheville, NC in the  Wall Street Journal ! We made the WSJ- that is weird. The article starts out :

BY VALERIE BAUERLEIN  ASHEVILLE, N.C.—This city has made a name for itself as a tourist 
and retirement haven, known for its arts,festivals, spiritual retreats and welcoming 
culture. But a topless rally here Sunday prompted even locals who want to 
"Keep Asheville Weird" to question if weird is a sustainable economic model, especially 
in a downturn. But Ms. Best said she worries about blurring the line between 
being accepting and being offensive.   
This is all I can read unless I subscribe which I don't see myself doing.

“How weird is too weird?” is not a question I have asked myself- free speech and all. Does this help or hurt the cause of woman equality?  Is this an appropriate venue or a loosely related fringe hoot. Again it started conversation among us about the the issue of -if men can go around without shirts, so can woman. Well I think it is ridiculous to expect that much freedom- but if you feel inclined go for it and get arrested. I was surprised to find out that some of my friends felt that woman should be allowed to go topless if men can. To me this is a childish taunt, I can do anything you can do.

This is supposed to be a celebration of woman’s right to vote! Personally I think that is something to celebrate but not this way. Perhaps this is where the frustration over the LACK of EQUAL RIGHTS and EQUAL PAY for equal work leads the woman.  Although I did note that the organizer was a man- probably the aim was to make a mockery of woman and they played along.

Alternet said: No doubt, many conservatives find the idea of women showing their breasts in public to be “weird.” But isn’t it actually a lot weirder to live in the modern age and not understand how the female body functions, ala Todd Akin?  “Asheville was among a number of cities hosting Go Topless Day rallies on Sunday, the anniversary of the adoption of the U.S. Constitution’s 19th amendment, which gave women the right to vote.

Jeff Johnson of Huntsville, Ala., who organized the event, said the rally was intended to promote women’s equality. “We’re going to fight for the right for women and men to be treated equally,” he said.

Equality between the sexes. Wow. How weird is that?!? Hey I’d settle for equal rights and equal pay- how weird is that!

6 thoughts on “How weird is too weird?”

    1. There are so many solid regular people here and many solid slightly irregular folks leading regular lives. This fringe hoopla gets the media wound up and misrepresents who we are as a community. The cartoon in the paper was of an older couple in a convertible with the top down. Saying I guess we are at the wrong topless rally.


  1. Age and gravity are not relevant- are these protesters going topless just so others will look or to make a statement. Bodies old or young are just what they are- nothing more or less.


  2. I was just having a similar conversation with a friend today! The term “feminist” has been bastardized and misused for so long, no one knows what it means any more (kind of like “socialism”). Legal and professional equality has nothing to do with going topless. And trust me… no one wants to see me topless…including me. 😉


    1. I have heard the term “post-feminist” used to mean what feminist meant originally. Special interests and fringe stayed active while others like myself just went on with life. I wish I could come up with a term to help woman rally together again.


  3. I think I will take legal equality and equal pay. Oh, and them leaving our bodies alone. Also having girls encouraged in schools to study harder in math and science. But, do to the “gravity” of our bodies as we age, I think clothes are preferable. LOL


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