Fatal Anniversery

Leslie CargileYou may have read about the couple found dead in a motel room in Texas. They went on a trip to celebrate their wedding anniversary. The police have decided it was suicide.  I find that more amazing than I can say. Dr Leslie Cargile was my doctor. She was intelligent, witty, compassionate, and conservative. Her husband, who worked downstairs I only met once but he seemed nice.   They had two grown sons, a 1.4 mill house on lake sunset, a lucrative practice for 25 years and no major financial problems. Two really sweet older golden retrievers also visited the upstairs office area from time to time. I worry what happened to the dogs.

The police say there was no sign of struggle and her husband died first. I am at a loss to understand this.   They left their cell phones at home- does that mean they planned this exit. They left a note for the dog watcher that they would be back on tues, knowing they would be reported missing when she did not show up for work on Monday. If I had not known this woman I would just have written the story off to another crazy couple. It leaves me with many questions but all I can do is say prayers for them, their children, all the patients left without a doctor, and their dogs. We all carry our internal struggles- be nice to one another.

18 thoughts on “Fatal Anniversery”

  1. I’m sorry to hear this tragic story. It make you wonder what was going through their minds as they planned this exit from a world that is left in confusion. You never truly know anyone and what is on their minds. So yes I agree be kind to one another!


  2. It is really distressing. Having know her too, I just can’t wrap my mind around the event. My prayer is that the loving arms of the One are gently holding them and taking them home.


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