Friday Five Minute Writing Challenge – Join

I thanks Lisa-Jo Baker for this idea. I lost her for a while but found her again and so can you at  This weeks idea word was JOIN.

My five minutes and a picture of what I made.:

 Join usually means joining a club, hobby or class of some sort. To me it reminded me of taking a stained glass   workshop. To join to pieces of glass, you line the edges of the glass with copper foil and then were melted with a heat gun and melted the copper to join the pieces together. I find it fascinating to see a solid become liquid and flow together. In my youth, I wanted to be a glassblower. Watching the amazing transformations of a bar of glass into delicate animals and all manner of things. I had a delicate merry-go-round for years. Living near Atlantic City before the casinos, the pier had two glassblower stalls that I would sit at for hours and just watch. I had forgotten that dream until now. Thanks Gypsy Mama.

9 thoughts on “Friday Five Minute Writing Challenge – Join”

  1. Glassblowing is amazing (and wonderfully warm). We lived in a town where the glassblower was next to the baker so you could get a fresh baked bun and go sit and watch them work in the lovely warm workshop. It always reminded me of toffee, practically edible 🙂
    You should learn glassblowing now – I think it would be an amazing thing to learn.


  2. My mother does stains glass as a hobby and you’re right. there’s something mesmerizing to it. What a mighty Creator we serve! Glad you joined in on Five Minute Fridays! Thanks for stopping by my blog so I knew to visit. . .

    All for Him,


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