Merge – Weekly Photo Challenge

Boaters get a thrill.

The rules may say you had to take the picture but I could not find that answer so this is my offering.  This photo merges a number of elements: bird freedom becomes food, fashion becomes a bad choice (the lady in the dress, on a paddleboard with a camera), Big and small (Don’t these people realize with one mild tail move they would fly through the air like seaweed.) The picture was also taken from shore of great sea adventure. Then there is a California  mindspace and the rest of us. Thanks to Bill Bouton and to view his other photos click below.  This picture just amazes me.

12 thoughts on “Merge – Weekly Photo Challenge”

  1. What a totally outstanding photograph. I love it, I just want to look at it for awhile, way to go Bill, thanks for much for sharing this with us, Penny 🙂


    1. Thanks so much. I did also notice that on the back of the paddleboarders in the front of the picture- their life jackets were riding on the back of the board. It .is a great picture


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