35th Sourwood Festival Black Mountain NC

Sourwood Tree in bloom
(Oxydendrum arboreum)

Every August the Black Mountain / Swannanoa Chamber of Commerce, presents the SOURWOOD FESTIVAL.  Black Mountain’s annual Sourwood Festival is always a hit with the locals and visitors alike!   This is a big happening around here, time for great music, many vendors with fine art and unusual local crafts and products like soap and honey.  Food vendors have something for everyone: sausage, corn on the cob, BBQ,  to gourmet vegetarian fare. Did I mention that it is totally free.  Most of the town gets in on the act. On year my Mom was in the parade dressed up as a clown, strolling along, waving and pulling a red wagon. I don’t remember why she was in the parade probably to represent the Swannanoa Valley Christian Ministry where she volunteered for years. Mom and I expected this to be a treat for my daughter who was 5-6 at the time- Nana playing dress-up. The surprise was on us- my daughter did not recognize her at all and was having no part of talking to this stranger with weird makeup on her face.

Tomorrow I am going to a talk about healing herbs in the garden at Mellie Mac’s Garden Shack. All part of the fun. The  blossom of the Sourwood tree provides the nectar for the world-renowned honey. It has also been used as a medicine, great for making tools and sled runners.  Unfortunately an early frost hit during the blooming season, so wildflower honey will have to do. OK by me. The music and dancing starts Sat. morning until Sunday afternoon!  I am sure there will be teams of Cloggers, who make me tired just watching them. It is probably time for a powered funnel cake,yum.  I’m off to have fun.  English: A funnel cake covered in powdered sugar.

29 thoughts on “35th Sourwood Festival Black Mountain NC”

    1. The mountain here have all kinds of festivals. I think they just like to plan parties, get together and cook good food and a reason to play music together. Lucky me.


  1. Sourwood tree? that’s a new one for me to look forward to seeing one day. I wonder if they have them in Tennessee? You’d think with all the time I’ve spent there, I would know this. Oh my brain hurts, I need some funnel cake – with fresh strawberries on top!


      1. Oh, no…sorry I should have put that in quotations…it is from a folk song–“Sourwood Mountain.”


  2. I grew up in the South and worked for 3 summers in Black Mtn (Blue Ridge Assembly–Eureka!) and I haven’t heard of a sourwood tree, either. Of course, we were always leaving the area by early August to go back to college, so likely the festival happened after I’d gone. I love it up there.


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