Splendid -Sunday Post Weekly Challenge – Mars Rover

Last night, the car sized mars Rover, named Curiosity made a perfect landing on the surface of Mars. This is an amazing and splendid feat of engineering and now the scientific work of it’s 2 year mission begins. The image behind the men is the first picture it sent which is of it’s own wheel. Thanks to Yahoo news and Live Science.

(Damian Dovarganes/AP Photo)      

Link to video of control room when it landed safely: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_Vtqod7OnSQ Love watching happy people.

Curiosity carries a toolbox of 10 instruments, including a rock-zapping laser and a mobile organic chemistry lab. It also has a long robotic arm that can jackhammer into rocks and soil. It will hunt for the basic ingredients of life, including carbon-based compounds, nitrogen, phosphorus, sulfur and oxygen, as well as minerals that might provide clues about possible energy sources.  (I’m guessing little green men is out of the question.)

Thanks to Jakesprinters  for his weekly challenge.

12 thoughts on “Splendid -Sunday Post Weekly Challenge – Mars Rover”

  1. An excellent choice for “Splendid”! I watched this on the news yesterday and found it truly amazing… as a child we always said that landing on Mars would never happen. And now a robot at least has done it in my lifetime! 😀


    1. To travel that far and then to have everything work perfectly is pretty incredible. I love the youtube of the control room erupting when it landed and the first picture can in.


    1. While I was reading, I noticed that one of the scientist had asked what they were to do in the unlikely event they met life forms. But did not say what the official answer was.


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