Courage &/or Fear

I subscribe to a newletter from Lissa Ranking – her discussion today was about fear and courage. It began talking about the massarce in Colorado and the  heroism people had shown. Then she asked “Are you brave? What is the bravest thing you have ever done?” I have been thinking about this all day. There are incidents that came to mind but I was inclined to say that they were not big enough. Courage is defined as being afraid but acting anyway. What looks tiny to an outsider can be huge to the person involved. I will share a tiny thing that took great courage for me. When I was a young girl I was terrified of the dark. At the door of my bedroom I would slide my hand around the door frame so I could turn on the light before I entered. I talked myself into the courage to just walk in and then turn the light on. After I did it once I could do it again but I was never as proud of myself as I was that first time.

In my reader I found a post by Heart to Harp about facing her fear of playing the irish harp in public. She volunteered to play at a hospice center and shared the experience with us the readers. I think the post and the act are pretty awesome.

I wish Love and Courage for us all. How were you brave today?

9 thoughts on “Courage &/or Fear”

  1. All my life I have been afraid of speaking out and sticking up for myself. My family seemed to never care to listen, or made me feel like what I had to say didn’t matter. I am slowly building my courage to start standing up for myself and speaking my mind. It still is scary, but I tell myself that if I want to have an adventure I need to have courage to take the first step. And it has helped! 🙂


  2. It’s often the little acts of courage that are so important, giving us the confidence to take bigger steps next time. I also think it is easier to be brave if it’s for the sake of someone else.
    I love these posts where you get me thinking deep thoughts Mountainmae! Thanks! 😀


    1. That first act of courage taught me that I could conquer fear instead of letting it rule me. So important like learning I could choose how to react or respond to events or thoughts. Life is good.Thoughts in the blog is like Love in the mist? Gorgeous post.


  3. those seemingly small steps of courage lead to greater light in our life. Sometimes we have to get to the point of “I can’t do this anymore” before we gather up our courage and walk through our fear. It’s worth it, though, it’s worth it. Blessings of light to you today, and every day.


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