No Man Is An Island

Cover of "Baptism"A tiny island in the stream

Recently the weekly challenge was silence, wateroverfire posted the you tube of  “Sounds of Silence” which I have always loved and sung (quietly to myself.) The other song from that era which has stuck with me all these years is “No Man is an Island”- the Joan Baez version. Do these words strike a cord with you?

No Man Is an Island    Artist: Joan Baez Album: Baptism

No man is an island,
No man stands alone,
Each man’s joy is joy to me,
Each man’s grief is my own.

We need one another,
So I will defend,
Each man as my brother,
Each man as my friend.

I saw the people gather,
I heard the music start,
The song that they were singing,
Is ringing in my heart.

No man is an island,
Way out in the blue,
We all look to the one above,
For our strength to renew.

When I help my brother,
Then I know that I,
Plant the seed of friendship,
That will never die.

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