100 shades of blue

OK –  the post has little to do with the 50 shades of grey book (which I haven’t read) but my last post was about blue eyes so I see a slight theme here. Useless knowledge from Google: At Pablo Picasso’s birth he did not breath and was declared dead. A short time later his cigar smoking uncle came to see the dead child and blew cigar smoke into his mouth. The child started breathing on his own. Although the literature says his blue period was about depression, I wonder about the influence or memory of anoxia -lack of oxygen which manifests as turning the person a blueish color. Just wondering.


9 thoughts on “100 shades of blue”

  1. I did not know that about Picasso! I love learning something new and it is an interesting thought as many people believe that the nature of your birth has a bearing upon you for your life.


  2. Having asthma I totally get the idea of turning blue and colors do get washed out when you can’t breath and you do get depressed and you are on to something. Oh I am writing breathlessly 😉


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